Our story

A third generation Apiarist working and living in New Zealand had a dream: to produce and pack the country’s silkiest, richest Mānuka honey. It took 10 years of dedicated work to be able to proudly say: Tarata Mānuka Honey is our family business. We own our hives, production and extraction plant, carry out our own honey production, extraction, processing, packing and exporting.

Genuine Mānuka honey has 3 signature compounds: Leptosperin, DHA and MGO (Methylglyoxal). Our Tarata Mānuka honey undergoes stringent and independent checking procedures in authorised New Zealand laboratory. We test for MGO levels of each honey batch packed. Other rating systems, such as Total Activity, NPA or pollen count, do not measure what is unique to New Zealand's Mānuka honey. The authenticity of our product is ensured by a laboratory test for each batch of honey we produce and pack.

Our aim is to bring you the best tasting, silkiest Mānuka honey from New Zealand, with no artificial additives. Just as Mother Nature intended.

“Where the mountain meets the ocean”

Tarata Honey New Zealand is a proudly New Zealand owned and operated premier independent honey production and packing company, ran entirely by our family. We produce the country’s best raw honey to create a deliciously silky and innovative range of Mānuka honeys. Our genuine Mānuka honey demonstrates true and trusted MGO levels, those unique antibacterial characteristics Mānuka a honey is famous for.

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