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A note from the Honey Meister:

Golden treasure of Aotearoa - the manuka honey. It is quite a sophisticated process to be able to understand the honey’s texture, it’s chemical properties in the purest form, as Nature intended to gift it to us.

We don’t just harvest. We share the honey. 

Beekeeping runs in our blood – as third generation Apiarists at home we often heard the odd expression: “it is not worth to make the extractor dirty”. As a child it was quite hard to understand this. But alongside my father and grandfather I have learned that not every drop of honey can be extracted. 

As this is the key to their survival and health of the colonies, we feel humbled and privileged to be able to share the result of the bee’s hard work: their honey. 

A rather delicate balance needs to be created between honey extracted and honey which is left in the hives for the bees to feed on and nourish their colonies. The honey the beekeeper leaves behind after harvest, in the hives – is the key of the future harvest. This is the honey which nourishes the whole bee colony and ensures their survival during the wet Pacific Winter. At Tarata Manuka Honey we pride ourselves that we care for our bees in a manner that puts them, the humble honeybee, on the first place.


Honey, food of the Gods of the Olympus.

When I first get in contact with the Manuka honey I’d like to pack, the first and foremost thing I observe is the color and taste. This is what I’d like to share with you, the Customer, as Nature gifted it to us. Then I go on and understand the chemical properties to be able to bottle with care and dedication. 

Our honey factory was designed and developed to service our need to pack authentic, genuine, boutique manuka honey batches and maintain the most important thing: QUALITY.

We manage the process all the way: beekeeping, harvesting, extraction, processing, bottling, labelling and exporting all being done by our family.

And with the precious input of our family members from Europe we are able to bring our 100% raw, authentic, genuine, independently tested Manuka honey to your table. Enjoy a spoonful of raw Manuka Honey from New Zealand!


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