Monofloral Mānuka honey is considered a premium, high quality nuka honey. As it is difficult to source, the rare honey blend is extremely special. Our hives are placed in remote Aotearoa bush, only accessible from a helicopter. It is these remote areas that allow the bees to flourish in open air spaces and make the perfect conditions for the most delicious honey to be made.

Unlike Multifloral Mānuka Honey, Monofloral Mānuka honey is honey that is taken by the bees from the nectar of only the Mānuka flower. Mānuka honey that is classified as a monofloral Mānuka honey has an MGO (Methylglyoxal) content of 83 mg/kg or higher.

Our independently tested Taranaki honey has many health benefits and is often enjoyed to support gut health, strengthen immunity, protect against infection and to cure a common cold and flu.

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