Best Uses

Our range of honey can be used in a number of different ways; either enjoyed on it’s own or in your cooking as an added sweetener.  Honey today is also becoming world recognised for its unique properties and health benefits.

Enjoy our pure, authentic and traceable Mānuka honey, delivered to you straight from the hive to the jar. 

Our Mānuka Honey MGO 70+ is used a number of ways in the kitchen. A popular honey choice for breakfast; whether as a spread on bread, drizzled over your yoghurt and muesli or as an added natural sweetener for your smoothie.  This honey is also commonly used to make savoury sauces and marinades as it adds a rich complexity.

Our Mānuka Honey MGO 300+ is often eaten straight off the spoon, or added to drinks as a natural sweetener (please note: this honey is best not served in hot drinks). This range is commonly used in skincare products due to its health benefits. It is proven to help clear the complexity of skin.

Our Mānuka Honey MGO 500+ and MGO 800+ is recommended to be eaten straight off the spoon, often used as a medicinal honey. Due to it's high levels of MGO, this honey has a number of health benefits for everyday well-being, such as improving gut health, immune system, protection against infection and fighting a cold and flu.

New Zealand made Tarata Manuka Honey

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